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Smart Camera

Artificial intelligence as a key technology. High-resolution video material provides large amounts of data that are available for analysis. A wide variety of information can be extracted automatically from the data records. In research this is referred to by the term computer vision. The intelligent camera uses elements of computer vision to recognize and evaluate critical events or situations. Switching a relay, switching on a siren or sending a notification are some of the available reaction options.

Privacy - Images are not saved

It is not the actual video material, but the information extracted that is used and saved if required. In addition to the provisions relevant to data protection, this has the advantage that the data storage is less impacted because of the reduced data volume. Proggon S.à r.l. complies with the GDPR data protection regulations of the European Union.


The automated analysis of image data offers a variety of possible applications:

  • Detection of objects that are added to, removed or relocated in an image area.
  • Identification of objects (vehicles, people).
  • Recognition of license plates.
  • Definition of perimeters to be monitored, e.g. a pool or working area.
  • Recording of dynamic events, e.g. crowd monitoring.

Data Analysis and Reports

Modern camera software is versatile and can be adapted individually to any application. In addition to real time data processing, data can be exported and further analyzed. We provide our customers with extensive reports, including information on the possibilities to improve efficiency of processes.

People Counting and People Density

People entering, leaving or crossing a defined image area can be counted with the help of smart cameras. Their dwell time can also be determined. This feature thus enables an accurate people counting, allowing measures to be taken if required. This technique is typically used in retail stores where crowds should be avoided for safety reasons. The people counting feature can also be used at concerts, folk festivals and other events.

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